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We are out-of-network provider with all insurances.  Our office will collect the full amount of your visits by time of service.  If you insurance plan has the out-of-network coverage, you will work with your insurance company directly for reimbursement of covered condition.  


Self-Claim is often a simple process, and many PPO plans have coverage for out-of-network benefit.  Please verify with your insurance to see what your plan covers. e.g. out-of-network coverage, covered condition, number of visits allowed, when to submit claim after service. 

Fertility Patients:

  • There are insurance plans cover fertility acupuncture.  But each plan might be unique.  You are responsible to verify covered condition, and notify our office in advance.  

  • Some plans may cover duo diagnosis, e.g. pain & infertility. 

  • Most insurances only cover some Pain and Nausea conditions, fertility acupuncture alone may not be covered.  

  • If you wish to use insurance for "Infertility" alone, please verify with your insurance to see if it's a covered condition. 

Self-Claim: We are happy to provide you superbill, which is a "detailed receipt" that includes diagnosis, procedure codes, and provider information.  The superbill enables you to submit to insurance for direct reimbursement.  Many patients found it's a simple process ... read Rebecca's experience here: 

I have been seeing Dr. Kwok for a few weeks now and it has been very valuable for my fertility health.  I knew going to her would be out of network for my insurance but consulted my insurance rep and HR about the process.  I was a little apprehensive about it because filing the claim appeared to be quite cumbersome.  However, I later found out that the superbill given to me from Dr. Kwok covered all the necessary requirements to file the claim.  I ended up filing a single claim that covered all the visits for multiple visits (you can really do as many as you want) and it took me about 5 minutes.  For my insurance specifically, the process was 5 steps that required me to upload a single document to complete.  The specific documents listed by my rep and HR were all included in the superbill.  This made the claim process extremely efficient and stress free." -- Rebecca O.       

RATES (Applicable for prompt payment)




$115  Acupuncture (45-60 Minutes)          

   - Including 30 minutes patient resting time 

   - New patients must complete the Medical History Consult first     


$180  Acupuncture & Herbal Consult COMBO

   - Including (1) an acupuncture session, and (2) a new Herbal Rx

   - $50 saving comparing to pay separately  

$180  Breech Acupuncture & Moxa (60-90 Minutes)

   - Including initial education session for family member 


Free   Complementary 15-Minutes Initial Consult

$115  New Patient Medical History Consult (30-60 Minutes)

   - Required for new patients before the 1st acupuncture

$115  Herbal Consult (30-45 Minutes)    

   - Prescription is modified every 2-Weeks, normally

$75    Lifestyle Consult (30 Minutes)    

   - Nutrition & Diet 

   - Stress Management 

Discounts available for:

Seniors (over age 65 y.o.)

* Full time students (under 25 y.o.) 

Cancellation Policy


All services require 24 hours cancellation notice.  Short term cancellations or no-shows will be charged the full cost of the service.

Payment Information


Payment must be made prior to the time of services. 

Our office accepts ZelleVenmo, PayPal, Credit Card, HSA/FSA, Apple Pay, Google Pay. Check or Cash are not accepted. 

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