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Female infertility means:

  • Women over 35, unable to get pregnant after 6 months of trying (younger women, after 12 months). 

  • Women not able to carry a pregnancy to term. 

Men and women are equally likely to have fertility problems:

  • Male infertility: account for one-third of cases; Female infertility: another one-third;

  • The remaining one-third may be due to a combination of male and female infertility, or unknown cause. 

12% of U.S. women 15 - 44 y.o. have difficulty conceiving and carrying a child to term. 

Juliet Kwok, DTCM, L.Ac.

We understand your challenges

... you are not alone 

Age:  Women over 35, men over 40

  • Fertility naturally declines with age

  • Pregnancy complications increase

  • Male sexual dysfunction increase 


  • Egg quality issue

  • Poor ovaries function (high FSH) 

  • Diminished ovarian reserve (low AMH)                  

  • POF (Premature Ovarian Failure)   

  • Low antral follicular count, poor IVF response 

  • Other hormonal issues (Progesterone, etc.)

  • Ovulatory dysfunction 

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

  • Endometriosis

  • Autoimmunity

  • Overweight, medical conditions, lifestyle 

Abnormal menstruation

  • Amenorrhea / Missing 3+ periods in a row 

  • Irregular / early / late periods 

  • Painful periods 

  • Prolonged / much heavier menstrual flow  


  • Recurrent miscarriages 

  • Unexplained miscarriage at early stage 

  • Immunological cause 




  • Low sperm count / volume 

  • Sperm immotile (don't swim well) 

  • Morphology issue (abnormal shape)

  • Semen liquefaction abnormality  

  • Vasectomy history 

  • Hormonal issues

  • Overweight, medical conditions, lifestyle

Success Stories:

I started my treatment with the Dr. just a month ago ... My AMH levels increased significantly by 400% and my egg production has increased significantly as well.  ... Moreover, I can never thank her enough for giving me hope in my fertility journey!" - Achva H.


"I am turning 41 and my husband had a vasectomy/reversal.  Before we came to see Dr. Kwok, we went through 4 IUI and 2 IVF with no success. ... I slept better.  My menstruation cycles are becoming more regular and my hair regained some volume.  My husband's recent sperm analysis shows significant improvement too.   We are very please with the results." - Diana T. 

"What really surprised me ... was that I got pregnant three months after!  My spouse and I could not thank Juliet enough for what she had done to help me and our family." - Annie Y.

"Dr.Kwok uses acupuncture to support my IVF treatment and I got pregnant with the first IVF cycle. ... I would recommend Dr.Kwok to everyone." - Kulthida J.


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Dr. Kwok is here to help

... "I am dedicated to help you to succeed" 

Holistic approach:

  • Helps to maximize your chance

  • Is tailored to each patient

  • Is modified along the progress

As a well-rounded practitioner, trained in Chinese Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, Dr. Kwok utilizes a unique holistic approach to help you to succeed.  

A healthy pregnancy starts from a healthy body.  Lifestyle is a main controllable factor.  As the  "Preventative Health Talk Series" speaker at public library, Dr. Kwok shares her expertise of "Healthier Eating", "Stress Management", "Immunity Building", and "Sleep, Exercises". 


Dr. Kwok thoroughly analyzes your conditions, and provides tailored guidances along your progress towards a optimal outcome.  

See the following key benefits of our holistic approach. Talk to Dr. Kwok to find out how she can help you to restore your hope. 





  • Drug free fertility boosting treatment

  • Improve egg / sperm quality 

  • Promote ovulation, implantation   

  • Support healthy pregnancy (morning sickness, etc)


  • Harmonize body, balance Yin & Yang

  • Boost fertility, regulate menstruation  

  • Increase chance of conceiving 

  • Reduce non-genetic miscarriage risk 



... Dr. Kwok is dedicated to guide you along every steps of your fertility journey

Stress Management


  • Fertility Friendly

  • Eliminating Triggering Foods

  • Add-on for certain patients   (miscarriages, women over 35, men 40)

Sleep well: quality matters


Regularly, In moderation

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Success Case: Diminished Ovarian Reserve
3 Months Acupuncture & Herbal Treatment
  • FSH: decreased to  8.6  from 19.4
  • AMH: increased to 1.22 from 0.49
  • Activated Ovarian Reserve to normal from diminished state; Restored ovarian function

10/6/2020 Results (POST Tx)                                         7/16/2020 Results (PRE Tx)

                                                             Dr. Kwok is on your team

... every steps of your fertility journey 

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