Dr. Juliet Kwok

Juliet Kwok, DTCM, L.Ac.

Holistic Infertility - Women Care Specialist

  • Female & Male Infertility (miscarriage, difficulty to conceive)

  • Egg quality, ovulatory dysfunction (High FSH, Low AMH, Diminished Ovarian Reserve, POF, PCOS, amenorrhea)

  • Recurrent miscarriages, unknown early losses

  • IVF support, IUI support (canceled IVF, poor response, low AFC, low fertilization rate, recurrent implantation failure)

  • Sperm quality (low motility, poor morphology), low sperm counts, semen liquefaction abnormality 

  • Women health (fibroids, ovarian cysts, painful-abnormal periods, PMS, abnormal cervical mucus, hot flashes-menopause, postpartum depression). 

  • Pain (sciatica, low back pain, neck-shoulder pain, headache, fibromyalgia, more)

  • Stress - depression - anxiety, insomnia, fatigue.

  • Digestion, immune health, allergy, Bell's Palsy, and more.  

Dr. “Juliet” Jinming Kwok’s mission is striving to be an accountable & trustworthy TCM practitioner, and a preventative care advocator.  (我会努力成为一个病人信得过、靠得住的好中医,并在中医治未病及养生的领域里有所建树。)


Post graduation from the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM) program at Five Branches University, Juliet had shadowed the National Chinese Medicine Master, Dr. Hao, Wan Shan, in Beijing (郝万山, 首都国医大师), to further improve her clinical skills.  She also learned from Dr. Wang, Ju Yi, the pioneer of Acupuncture Channel Theory, another National Chinese Medicine Master in Beijing (王居易, 首都国医大师).

In addition to Chinese Medicine training, Dr. Kwok has completed the Holistic Nutrition Certificate Program at Pacific Rim College.  She is a licensed acupuncturist in California.


Dr. Kwok is passionate about preventative care.  As the "Preventative Health Talk Series" speaker at public library, she believes that the best doctor is patient him/her-self.  Because when her patient achieves the inner harmony of Yin & Yang, his/her own body is capable to prevent and fix diseases at early stage on its own. 

Dr. Juliet Kwok’s goal is to utilize her knowledge and skills to help her patients restoring dynamic inner balance through acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicinenutrition / dietary consultation, and lifestyle recommendation. Beyond treating the illness, Dr. Kwok works with each of her patients to develop the specific self-care prevention strategy to empower all her patients taking simple steps to help prevent the reoccurrence of the same condition, live a healthier and happier life.

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Success Story:

What really surprised me, in such a wonderful way, was that I got pregnant three months after!  My spouse and I could not thank Juliet enough for what she had done to help me and our family." - Annie Y.


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Infertility Patients: 
- Dr. Kwok is dedicated to help her patients to maximize their potential chance of success through the tailored treatment protocol.  She uses holistic approach to harmonize patients' fertility and overall internal systems, including immune function, digestion, and more. 
- Stress reduction is an important focus in addition to our effective fertility boosting treatment.  In our clinic, when incorporating these treatment protocols, our patients become happier and often see positive outcome faster than expected. 
- Metabolic stress is often a hidden factor that would suppress fertility automatically; it may play a key role in the recurrent miscarriages.  Dr. Kwok is trained in holistic nutrition, and she works with her patients to identify the food triggers.  If you suffer chronic infertility / recurrent miscarriages, eliminating the food triggers help to improve your chance




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Stress - Depression - Anxiety Patients: 
- Dr. Kwok has a track record in helping patients who suffer Depression and other Stress-Disorders through drug-free acupuncture & self-care stress management guidance.  
- Dr. Kwok is a proud speaker at public library for "Stress Management Health Talk". 
- She has learned from the best specialist, a National Chinese Medicine Master in Beijing.
Pain Patients: 
- Our goal is to provide FAST relief and long-lasting result
- Dr. Kwok has successfully treated chronic & acute pain for: Sciatica, Osteoarthritis Knee, Gout, Low Back, Neck, Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Headache, I.B.S., Fibromyalgia & more.