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Nei Jin

《内经 * 素问 * 上古天真论篇第一》



 … 天人相应、形神合一。顺应自然界阴阳的变化节律,使用适宜的养身方法,坚持合理的饮食方式、起居规律,不过度劳心、劳力、房劳,从而达到精神与形体相互协调,健康无病,长命百岁正气存内,邪不可干,阴平阳秘,精神乃治,健康长寿)。



… 外避虚邪(避邪气干扰),内养神气(内心平静),真气调和(正气不虚),   精神充足不外散, 病邪就无从入侵人体.  

《内经 * 素问 * 举痛论第三十九》


百病生于气: “怒则气上,喜则气缓,悲则气消, 恐则气下,寒则气收,炅则气泄,惊则气乱,劳则气耗,思则气结“ 

… 七情内伤,气机紊乱;五劳六极,耗竭正气。

Health Talk - Immunity Buildi

FREE Initial Consultation


Talk to Dr. Kwok and learn more. 

Call (408) 386-1128 or click to 

Boosting Immune Health During The COVID-19 Pandemic

... is more essential if you:


Vulnerable ... 65+ y.o.    .... living in a nursing home / long-term care facility 

                      ... underlying medical conditions (lung / heart / kidney / liver, diabetes, obesity)

                      ... immunocompromised / weaker immune function  


High exposure to coronavirus (frontline healthcare workers, caring for patients) 

Pregnant, planning to conceive 

Immune Boosting Acupuncture Program

  • Helps to boost immune system, strengthen defensive-healing energy

  • Affordable Rate:

    • 12 Acupuncture Tx, you only pay for the first 8.  Average cost is $70 per Tx (vs. regular $105)

    • ​This special discount is to ease people's financial pressure during this difficulty time.

    • Each patient can only participate once.  

  • Specific focus: to support your immune health, stress management, digestion, sleep, and harmonize your body.  You may not use this program to treat other conditions, e.g. Pain, Infertility, etc.  Our office reserve the right of offering this program. 

Dr. Kwok's Commitment

  • Frontline Healthcare Workers: your immune boosting acupuncture Tx is FREE.    Dr. Kwok volunteers her hours every Thursday as the dedicated clinic day to support frontline heroes.  Thank you for risking your own life to save others! 

Self-Care Strategy... as following, click HERE to download the summary

  • Disclaimer: follow CDC / local government guidelines to reduce risk of virus exposure / infection. 

​Building Healthy Qi, Live New Normal With More Confidence

... some basic concepts in Chinese Medicine: 


Qi (气): vital energy               Healthy Qi (正气): defensive-healing energy

  • Defensive Qi (卫气): similar to immune system

  • ​Healing energy: body-organs function 


When healthy energy is strong, pathogens can not invade body easily (正气存内, 邪不可干). 

  Yin Yang Harmony: root of human health (阴平阳秘, 精神乃治)

  - Yin & Yang: two opposite objects or two opposite aspects in one object


Adopting following best practices, strengthening healthy Qi

... according to "Nei Jing", a classic text in Chinese Medicine

[A]    Follow nature’s law.      … Yin & Yang, four seasons, etc. 

                                                            e.g. sleep at night, be active during the day.  


[B]    Keep calm emotion.       … mind-body connection. 

           Avoid unbalanced emotions (over – worry / thinking / angry / joy / fright / sad-grief / fear)


[C]    Consume a proper diet.    … balance nutrients / tastes

                                                            … avoid over / under eating; avoid cold / raw 


[D]    Exercises regularly in moderation. 


[E]    Keep a good sleep routine   … avoid work / play overnight


[F]    Balance work & rest.              … avoid over work / stationary 

Additional tips:

  1. Balanced diet: see details of Harvard Healthy Eating Plate

  2. Protecting your Yang energy

    • In wind-cold conditions (A/C counts): keep warm, cover neck, avoid sweating; 

    • Sunbathing upper back; blow dry wet hair (esp. in cold climate). 

  3. Moxa acupuncture point ST-36 (足三里) regularly helps to boost immune system, increase healing power, and promote longevity. 

    • Caution: do not use in heat conditions (e.g fever, inflammation, etc); consult a licensed acupuncturist first if in doubt. 

    • ST-36 location: one hand’s width below knee cap, one thumb width lateral to the shin bone. 

    • Moxa demo video at:

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