COVID-19 Clinic Policy

(effective 6/1/2020)


ACUPUNCTURE:  Safety First.  To best protect everyone, we are ONLY seeing patients without COVID-19/cold/flu/allergy symptoms in the CLEAN CLINIC by appointment.  NEW acupuncture patients' initial medical intake is done remotely without additional charge.


CONSULTATION: We are offering telehealth consultation to patients: (1) who can’t come to in-person acupuncture, and (2) who only need consultation for Herbal Prescription, Diet, and Stress Management.  


Our Commitments

  • Clean Clinic – we are maintaining a clean clinic to provide a SAFE environment for our patients:  

    1. We perform thorough cleaning between patients for each treatment room.  We run True HEPA Air Purifier with Allergy & Flu Filter (Anti-Viral) and use UVC lamp in each treatment room.  Commonly touched surfaces are sanitized frequently.  

    2. To avoid the potential risk of cross contamination, (1) we do not provide water dispenser in lobby; (2) we no longer provide non-disposable blanket in treatment room – patients may bring an extra jacket or their own blanket for warmness, we will have heat lamps as usual.       

  • Reduced Capacity – a reduced capacity to allow proper sanitizing and social distancing.  

  • NO Rate Increase – while experiencing substantial increases in sanitizing expenses on top of the reduced capacity, we will NOT pass on the financial burden to our patients in 2020.  

  • Facemask - our staffs will wear facemask throughout the day.  


Our Protocols

  • Touchless Entry & Contactless Temperature Reading

    1. Our front entry will stay locked.  If you arrive early, your car will be your waiting room.  Please text message (408) 386-1128 first, we will then open the door to welcome you. 

    2. We will use a touchless thermometer to take your forehead temperature.  

    3. We will direct you to wash your hand first and then go straight to a clean treatment room. 

  • Pre-screening – the day before your appointment, we will pre-screen via text message.  If you fail the pre-screening, we will have to cancel your appointment without charging cancellation fee.  Questionnaires see below.

  • Electronic Payment Only.  We accept Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal.  You can find our account by searching:

  • Online Booking – ready for patients to use.  Please Call or Text (408) 386-1128 if you need help.  


Expectations for Patients

  • Facemask – all patients need to wear their own tight-fit facemask during entire visit, including acupuncture time in the private treatment room.  "Bandana, Neck-warmer, Facemask with Valve" are NOT acceptable.  For patients who have difficulty to breathe wearing a facemask, you may consider consultation.  We are ONLY seeing patients older than 16 y.o. in clinic.

  • Social Distancing – only one patient at a time outside of private treatment room, e.g. using bathroom, walking between entry to private treatment room.  Exception given to patients from the same household, e.g. fertility couple.  Conversation shall be held only in private treatment room. 

  • Tongue Pictures – please send us your tongue pictures prior to your visit.  Refer to below detailed instruction to take quality pictures. 

  • Company – people accompanying you need to wait in your car.  No kids can be left alone in the car. 

  • What To Bring - Please bring your own water and/or blanket / jacket if needed. 

How to Take Useful Tongue Pictures

Sending us your tongue pictures before your visit would help us to know your body function and the progress of treatment.  As a result, Dr. Kwok can treat your specific conditions more effectively.  Observing the appearance of the tongue is an important part of the diagnostic process in Chinese medicine. 

Please follow the following guide to take quality tongue pictures, and see the example pictures: 

  1. WHEN:  The best time to take the pictures is in the morning, before eating / drinking anything and without scraping / cleaning your tongue's coating (so the color and the thickness of tongue coating will not be altered).  

  2. LIGHTING: the best is under natural light; if outdoor, be sure to stay in the shade; if indoor, be in a location where there is plenty of light. 

  3. IMAGES:

    • Top: extending the tongue in a relaxed manner, do not "point" your tongue out, and take the picture within 5-seconds of sticking out your tongue.  It is important to show the full length of your tongue, including the tip and the root

    • Bottom: showing the root of your tongue by opening your mouth, rolling up the tongue, and reaching your tongue towards your upper soft palate. 

Pre-screening Questionnaire

(Updated on 3/3/2021)

1) In the last 7 days, have you experienced ANY of the following New or Worsening symptoms

  • Fever (100.4◦F), Chills   

  • Cough

  • Sore throat 

  • Breathing problems

  • Loss of taste or smell

  • Fatigue, Body aches, Headache

  • Diarrhea, Vomiting 

  • Congestion, Runny nose 


2) In the last 14 days, have “you, your family member in the same household, or anyone whom you had close contact with” been tested POSITIVE for COVID-19


*** Note: SKIP question 2 if, in the last 3 months, you: (a) have been fully vaccinated against the disease, or (b) have tested positive for COVID-19 and recovered