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Health Talk: Exercise Right, Sleep Better, Live Happier

Saturday, May 2, 2020 2-3PM

Rose Garden Library 

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Did you know there is a right way to exercise, also a potential negative to over-exertion?  How do we find the right balance between being active and rest? 


For those who suffer chronic insomnia, what can you do to sleep like a baby again?


And what is the secret to being happy?  


Join Dr. Kwok's enlightening talk to sleep better, exercise right, & live happier. 

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Why Acupuncture     

Acupuncture is drug-free natural healing method.  It has long been recognized as an effective treatment for chronic pain, widely used for fertility, sleep problem, stress & anxiety, nausea/vomiting and digestion.  Patients suffering seasonal allergies often get relief during their very first treatment. 


Infertility and Acupuncture



High-Pressure Job/Stress Relief: The New Wall Street Power Lunch? It's Acupuncture.


Understanding pain



Why Does Acupuncture Work?



Acupuncture and Seasonal Allergies


Welcome!  Our philosophy is simple: helping you to restore your inner harmony.  We love to share the knowledge of preventative care with our patients, empower them to live healthier and happier. 


Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes harmony of Yin & Yang is the root of human health (阴平阳秘, 精神乃治).  When dynamic balance of Yin & Yang is shifted, the inner harmony is broken and illness starts developing.  Yin and Yang are two opposite objects, or two opposite aspects in one object.  The opposing-attracting force of Yin & Yang governs everything in the natural world.  Yin Yang disharmony is the most general pattern in TCM. 


In addition, TCM believes that hundred diseases originate from Qi (百病生于气).  For example, prolonged stress directly causes Qi depression, which leads to sub-health (亚健康) and numerous disorders such as insomnia, pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, infertility, immune disorder, and even cancer in serve cases. 


TCM promotes preventative care (上工治未病):

1) Mind-body health (心身健康, 养生先养心).

2) Strengthening defensive Qi to prevent diseases (正气存内, 邪不可干). 


With today’s busy lifestyle, people often underestimate the importance of their inner harmony.  They forget to keep a happy mind, tend to over work, choose an convenient diet (often unhealthy), and lack of proper exercises.  Overtime, these habits cause the disharmony and lead to disorder(s).  Let us help you to restore your inner harmony!

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